Day 30 – ciao ragazzi

After a slight lack of ideas this week, I figured it was about time I did something a bit more interesting and random today. So come join me on a trip to (very) little Italy.

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Day 29 – frankly, my dear, that’s quite depressing

You’ll be relieved to hear that today is not about food. In fact, I’ve been so exhausted lately that I didn’t even cook anything tonight. About time that cheeky little monkey of mine remembered his sleeping pattern! Although the advantage is that less sleeping means more cuddling.

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Day 27 – yum yam

I guess it’s hardly surprising that a baby who wakes up every one to three hours at night is not a morning person. Nor is his mother, for that matter. The rings under my eyes are big enough to make Saturn jealous and I have started forgetting things that seem impossible to forget. Turning on my end of the baby monitor is a classic (luckily we don’t really need it, as I can hear F. from the living room anyway.

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