Day two – my model baby

20150102_144127Last night, C. got all enthusiastic and started making some really good suggestions for my challenge. One of them was that I draw our son. As I can’t draw for love nor money, I decided to use watercolours instead. Not that I’m any good with them either, but at least I did a course when I was at school (and my parents still had hope that there might be some creative talent lingering inside me, after all).

Thus, today’s contribution is my son’s first portrait. Poor thing. I vow to have him painted or drawn by someone who actually knows what they’re doing as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Obviously, using watercolours isn’t a first for me but it is the first time I have painted in about a decade and the absolute first time I painted my lovely boy. Moreover, I’ll be cooking him his first proper meal (mashed potatoes, carrots and meat – today really is his lucky day) later on today, so the painting and the cooking together qualify as at least one “first” today, I’d say. And anyway, the aim of my challenge is to try new things and skip my routines: so hell yes, painting the little person I put on this planet definitely counts!

It didn’t actually take me long to find my watercolours, get some water and paper on the go and sit down to get started. F. was of a different opinion, of course (did he not want his portait done, I wonder?), and so it took another hour of playing, singing and feeding to get my model ready. Eventually, however, the little star was happy to actually lie there and be stared at. It took me a couple of minutes to get back in the flow but soon all the theory from my aforementioned course came rushing back to me. That and the added patience I have gained over the past fifteen years or so (for the first time in my life, I let the first layer dry before painting on – amazing what growing up does to you) meant that I was actually able to paint something that resembles a human being. F. kept staring back at me so I could paint his “awake face” and didn’t have to fake it from memory as I’d anticipated.

I have to say, I really had fun studying every little bit of that beautiful little face I know so well. I tried not to get too cartoon-like as I’d like him not to move out at age five when he finds the painting. I also tried not to get too realistic so as to guarantee anonymity. Just kidding, I actually did the best I could. Funnily enough, the style of my end product really reminds me of the stuff I did back in school. 20150102_144014

What can I say, it’s only the second day of my challenge, but I’d already consider it a success. I’ve done things I wouldn’t otherwise have done and I’m a lot more aware of what I do and especially of the fact that every day is a gift that I should make the most of. Back to the drawing board (pun intended) now to see what I’ll get up to tomorrow and the day after and the day after that…

Thanks for reading and do comment with suggestions for future “firsts”.



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