Day four – my hypnotic husband


I don’t know much Greek but I do know that the word “hypnosis” comes from the Greek word for sleep. And since having a baby makes nothing more desirable than sleep, it didn’t take much convincing when C. said he could hypnotize me. 

What can I say, I didn’t get to sleep but I now have the incredible property of having magnetic index fingers. I don’t know what he did, I don’t know how he did it, but since C. sat me down on a chair, made me hold my fingers like a gun and wrapped an invisible elastic band around my index fingers, I have not been able to hold them close to each other without them starting to draw towards each other. He made me try it before the hypnosis and I could hold them apart without problems then. Shame it’s probably not real magnetism, it would be so practical the next time I’m rummaging in my bag for the keys.

Although I absolutely don’t believe in the paranormal or anything supernatural, it really worked! Apparently my fingers will stay magnetic forever now. I’m intrigued. And I hope C. keeps learning more hypnosis techniques, this is weird but fun. I can’t wait to believe I’m a chicken or speak in a completely random language.

This was a fun and simple “first” today. I definitely want to try more of that. So once again my challenge has been a success.

*cheese alarm on* Although really I’ve been hypnotized by that man since our first date one rainy December day all those years ago. *cheese alarm off*

Right then, a bit of TV now and then off for some real sleep to be energized for tomorrow’s more serious and political theme.


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