Day six – the poodle’s airy core

After yesterday’s serious topic, I thought we all deserved some fun today. Epiphany day is a public holiday here and we were just driving back from a lovely family lunch when C. asked what my “first” would be today. So I asked him very nicely if he’d teach me to make a balloon animal. He’s got so many fun, hidden talents.

There’s an ongoing controversy in my family where my auntie claims she clearly heard me say my first word (at a silly age like seven months or so): “poodle”. So what seemed more fitting than learning to make the most typical of balloon animals, a poodle, as the first one I’d ever tried. To be fair, I had put a bit too much air in it so that the tail isn’t quite as fancy as you’d see on a professional one, but then I’m not a fan of tail docking anyway, so let’s call mine the humane version.

I was a bit worried at first, as it seemed popping a few balloons along the way seemed inevitable. We thus put F. safely away in his activity centre and got the show on the road. Can you imagine it? Two grown-ups blowing up balloons, twisting and turning them, squeezing the air through them (what a horrible sound that makes!) to shape them into silly animals. Well, one of C.’s wedding vows was to ensure that my life would never be boring, so I guess this was to be expected. That poor son of our’s will be embarrassed by his childish parents by the time he starts kindergarten!

Anyhow, I have to say I found it lots easier than I’d expected and am pretty proud of the poodle lady I made (first attempt, without popping one). You can get detailed instructions on how to make one from YouTube if you’re interested, so I’ll spare you the individual information and will just share a few photos:





Anyway, gotta go, there’s a whole zoo of balloon animals waiting to be made (oh and some chores want doing too). Stay tuned for a culinary trip to Hungary tomorrow…


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