Day nine – drawn to satire

Recent events have made me decide that it’s time to draw, after all. So today I attempted my first political cartoon.

2015-01-09 13.39.16

It upsets me beyond words to see our democratic world being attacked by extremists who spread fear and hatred. Who think that they are above the law and who think that anyone of a different opinion has to be taught a lesson.

Get it? The words above apply equally to religious fanatics and fascist hate-mongers. They should actually get along perfectly, seeing as how similar their methods and attitudes are. Yet they are standing on opposite sides, goading each other. The majority of us disagree with and condemn both sides, yet we have somehow gotten in the middle of this. I can only hope that this vicious circle will somehow be stopped…

Hoping to be back with a more joyful topic tomorrow, but for now, I do quite like my drawing.

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