Day eleven – the oil in Spain fries yummy things in the pan

There was a bit of snow today, so our adventure outdoors will have to wait a bit. Instead, I stayed inside and cooked some Mediterranean food to bring the sun into the house.

I fell in love with Barcelona last year. A beautiful city, right by the sea, Gaudì’s incredible architecture and the food! I think if I ever leave Germany again, it will be to move to Barcelona. Seriously,  a city full of culture and gorgeous food right by the sea! The sea! For me, that’s heaven on earth.

Ever since that brilliant trip last year, I’ve been meaning to have a go at making tapas at home. So when I discovered these lovely little “padron” peppers in the supermarket yesterday, it seemed like a sign to finally get going.

Here are some pictures from our trip to show you what I mean. Isn’t it just gorgeous?





We got some squid, which I fried with a bit of garlic and served with some lemon oil. Then, the peppers of course, just briefly fried and served with coarse sea salt. There were also aubergines, which I covered in egg and flour and fried (can you spot the pattern?). Add some oven-baked chips with rosemary and crispy bread covered in a garlicky tomato sauce and you’ve got food heaven. Obviously, quite a bit of olive oil was involved in the making of this, but you’ve gotta live a little some time, right?

My version of tapas

I love the idea of Mediterranean food and tapas especially: lots of dishes shared by everyone. So much more sociable and varied than everyone just having a plate with their food in front of them. What’s more, there’s endless possibilities as to what you can serve and so much of it is vegetables and fish. Must move to Barcelona… or at least have tapas again soon.

Buenas noches for now, back tomorrow with something completely different.


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