Day twelve – sellaholic

I realized today that if I was going to keep my challenge up for a whole year, I’d have to focus on some ideas that won’t be costing a lot of money. Or better still: that would make some money.

So today is the day I finally became an eBay seller. I started off with a pair of pyjamas I’d spent a ludicrous amount on during pregnancy when my hormones were running wild and telling me my baby was going to need crazy amounts of those cute and expensive little clothes. The other problem was that before you have a baby you actually have no idea how many items of clothing you’re going to need (let alone how many you’re going to be given in the first few sizes). So we ended up with heaps and heaps of newborn stuff. Ideal to get going on eBay: Baby clothes sell really well, the pyjamas had only been worn once and I had no great emotional attachment to them.

So I took some photos, wrote a bit of a text, added the necessary information and hit “publish”. That’s when the rush hit me. This was so easy, great fun and it would get rid off some of the unnecessary stuff collecting around the place whilst generating some much-welcomed additional cash.

C. looked at me scared, wondering whether he’d come home tonight to me sitting on the bare floor, proudly announcing that I’d successfully sold everything we owned. Well, I don’t think it’ll quite come to that but I’ve not stopped looking around for other things I might be able to sell. I’m the same whenever there’s a fleemarket coming up, I go absolutely over the top. Somewhere deep inside of me, there must be a childhood dream of becoming a shop owner or saleswoman. I loved playing “grocery shop” when I was little and to this day, selling really is something I love. C., I hope you know how lucky you are, married to a woman who loves selling more than she loves shopping…

So this is it for today, I’ve just thought of some more things that want to be advertized on eBay. How did I not try this before? Well, let’s see how motivated I’ll be in seven days time, when most of my articles will probably have remained unsold…


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