Day 13 – Paradise Found

I got F. ready this morning, intending to get a lot of chores done today. But one look out the window and another at the thermometer made me decide to be spontaneous and get out into the sunshine. Fresh air does him a world of good and I am like some rare animal that feeds on sunlight. A few hours of sunshine can lift my mood for an entire week.

There’s a gorgeous park a ten-minute walk from our place and within that park, there is a stunning beergarden by the side of a little lake. I figured, going to a beergarden in January is definitely something I’ve never done before, so I wrapped F. up nice and warm, grabbed my sunglasses and set out.

I wanted to have a proper beergarden experience so I orderd an alcohol-free beer although I usually prefer water or juice. Sitting there in the sun, a golden beer in front of me and my happy son on my lap – I think I found paradise today. After a while, F. got tired so I put him in the pram and just sat there, admiring the view of the blue, blue sky above the frozen lake.


It’s strange, I’d usually feel really uncomfortable in a pub or café on my own, but having F. with me gives me a huge boost of confidence. The other things in my adult life that have the same effect on me have been: a tray when I was waiting tables, my suit on days that I am dressed up for an interpreting job and having C. by my side. It’s nice to think that my job and my family both make me feel equally as confident. I must have picked them both very well.

Here are some more photos from our outing today. Back indoors tomorrow…





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