Day 14 – meet Mrs. Brown

The last few days have lacked a bit of adventure, really, so today I decided it was time for a more interesting “first”.

I started sporting a bit of an unintended ombre look during pregnancy, as I had to stop bleaching my hair. Seeing my naturally dark blonde hair for the first time in absolute ages has made me like the darker look though and I thought why not go all the way and try brunette?

In my brilliant make-shift cape
In my brilliant make-shift cape

Any accidental moss-look can be avoided by adding a slight hint of red, as I’ve learned from earlier attempts at darkening previously bleached hair (never gone all the way to brunette though, ┬áso it seemed really important today when even a darker blonde has made my hair gone green before). Apparently the red pigments stop the darkened hair from going green. That’s why I picked a slightly more auburn tone than the chocolatey shade I would’ve liked.

One way or another, I have to say I’m happy with the result. Brown definitely suits me and goes quite well with my dark eyes.

This challenge is great, I don’t think I’d have done this otherwise. It’s crazy, I’ve been blonde all my life (albeit an ever-darkening shade as I’ve been getting older), so it feels strange to look at my face surrounded by dark hair all of a sudden. Must remember not to get suspicious if I find long brown hair in our bed tomorrow…


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