Day 15 – keeping my mind busy

Today’s “first” is something I actually started a good week ago but completed today. I’ve decided that’s what I would do with projects that take longer than one day: they’ll only count for my challenge once they’ve been finished.

So today I finally completed the subtitles for a wonderful documentary called “Staatenlos” by Peyman Saba that I had offered to translate as a pro-bono project. While audio-visual translation and subtitling were part of my translation course at university, I have never translated any subtitles that actually ended up becoming part of a film or television  show. Thus a pretty exciting “first” for me this time! I cannot wait to actually watch the film with the subtitles added. The film portrays several asylum seekers in Germany and highlights some of the greatest faults in the German and European asylum system. This topic is very close to my heart so that it means a lot to have been given the opportunity to help the film project a little.

This has only been the fifth time or so I’ve actually done any translating since my maternity leave started last summer so it’s been great to stay on the ball a little. Funny though, if I was a, say, zookeeper or dentist my maternity leave would mean a complete break from my line of work. But as a translator you can be sure that there will always be one friend or other who asks you for a favour… I guess all you hairdressers, plumbers and doctors (to name but a few random examples) out there know what I mean. I love that though, as it gives me not only the possibility to help out a friend once in a while but also the opportunity to have a go at translations from fields that I would never come across at work.

Anyhow, maternity leave is called that for a reason so I had a professional helper (he’s bilingual, after all) for much of the time:


In other news, I really enjoyed my second pilates class today. Looks like I really have found a sport I like!  Once again, I’ not sure what my “first” will be tomorrow. I have to say, this is hard. Incidentally, have I mentioned that anyone I tell about my challenge seems to declare me mad and think that it’ll be absolutely impossible to keep up?

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