Day 17 – creative help

Today was a long but interesting day. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve recently become quite involved in help projects for refugees.

One of the channels through which I’ve been doing that is a new association called “Kreative Hilfe für Flüchtlinge in München“. It was initiated last summer and has since collected incredible amounts of donations (mainly clothes, but also toys, suitcases and many other things). Today was the day it was officially founded so we attended the foundation meeting. I’ve been to members’ meetings and annual meetings before but never before was I present when an association officially came to life.

There were quite a few formalities to be dealt with, of course, but that was done in a very animated manner, with great discussions and input from all sides. Not nearly as stiff and dry as these kinds of things can be.

We were about 35 people tonight, who became members straight away. Feels good to know that my membership number will be way below 100!

Some really interesting ideas were exchanged tonight so it’ll be great to see how things get going over the next few weeks and months. There was even talk of a weekend seminar to further develop the ideas, which I would absolutely love. It’s so exciting being involved in the initial phase of a great project like this.