Day 19 – folding paper

A sick baby and a tight schedule meant I didn’t have too much time for my “first” today. C. suggested I try some origami and as I always like a challenge to my not so talented hands, I thought,  why not?

I thought I’d start with a typical crane, so I found some instructions online, grabbed some coloured paper and got started. The first set of instructions was too complicated for me, as was the second one but the third one was ok. I always find it difficult if these kinds of things are quite abstract, so I was glad that these instructions were very straightforward.

I gave up my first attempt at a crane but the second one ended up ok. I’m not good with straight lines and precise work, but I think it’s recognizable at least… I’ll have to try again some time to see if I can get it a bit neater.


Today was also the day my eBay listing ended and I’m quite happy with the outcome. Also sorted out some other ideas for future “firsts” today. This project is pretty stressful at times  (when I don’t have any good ideas or when I’m busy with other things) but I’m definitely enjoying all the things I wouldn’t otherwise have done…


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