Day 22 – scrambling fun

I saw this crazy video yesterday, which seemed just perfect for my challenge. So today was to become the first day I scrambled an egg in its shell.

The basic idea is to fix an egg tightly inside a long sleeve and spin it around in there. They say that this will mix the egg white and the yolk so that the boiled egg will be light yellow all over rather than having two separate bits inside.

I set to work as instructed, spinning even more than the fifteen times they suggested in the video. Never have I waited so impatiently for an egg to boil! I peeled it… and was very disappointed to be still seeing white. When I cut it in half, there was a clearly defined ball of yolk inside, no mixed components to be seen.

However, I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t given it another try, making sure the egg was fixed better in the sleeve this time. Still nothing. After that, I used one of F.’s little tights, thinking the tighter fit might make the egg spin around better. Still nothing! 20150122_175054

I swore this would be the final attempt as I tried it with a pair of nylons. A knot either side of the egg was the tightest way I could think of fixing the egg. I spun it a good twenty times, harder than ever before. There’s even a hint of a blister on my finger now. Unfortunately, apart from a tiny section on the edge where the yolk seemed to have spread a little, even this last attempt was unsuccessful. C. and I both thought the white had an odd, rubbery consistency this time, so something must have happened inside that shell. Just no scrambling.20150122_181742Shame, I was so intrigued and would have loved the look on people’s faces at Easter when I was going to serve these eggs as a surprise. Apparently there’s a gadget you can buy that will make this work, but I don’t think I’ll be trying that. Maybe I’ll just take a chicken with me the next time I go to a ska concert. If the chicken dances hard enough, that should do the trick. Or maybe I should just stick to scrambling eggs in the pan like normal people. Oh well, while this “first” was unsuccessful, it was still lots of fun and definitely something I wouldn’t normally have tried. And hey, we both don’t mind a couple of hard-boiled eggs once in a while.



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