Day 23 – profiteroles

I realize this blog has been quite focused on the kitchen lately, but I promise I’ve got some very different stuff planned for the near future.

Today, however, we’re staying in the kitchen, where I proudly made choux pastry for the first time today. A very messy affair, which required almost as much washing up and cleaning as it did stirring and baking. But a success!

I absolutely loved profiteroles and anything made from choux pastry as a child. Has it gone out of fashion a little? These cheeky little cream-filled goodies seem to have been at every party in the eighties and nineties but to have disappeared since. Well, I shall revive them.

This time, I only filled them with cream, but next time I think I’ll be making full-blown ├ęclairs. Once again, I’m really happy that my challenge has made me finally try something I’ve been meaning to try for ages. And I think I was unnecessarily scared of it, it really seems rather fool-proof. Although I have to admit they didn’t all rise as well as each other so I’ll have to experiment a little to see what makes the difference there.

20150123_180420 Well then, F. is laughing and smiling really excitedly right now, so I’m going to give him some attention now. Tomorrow is going to be a big day!


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