Day 24 – meet and greet

Today, as promised, we leave the kitchen for something completely different.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m quite involved with various projects helping refugees in Munich. As there is a huge number of projects and an even greater number of people willing to help and wondering where to start, I thought it was a good idea to organize an event where people intending to help would be able to meet each other, discuss their intentions, introduce their projects and find out where their help was needed.

The association Kreative Hilfe für Flüchtlinge in München liked the idea of such a meeting and offered to provide a location as well as a considerable amount of sausage (see, we Germans have our priorities right). So they cooked some yummy pasta, some people brought cake and muffins and about thirty of us got together this afternoon.

There were lively discussions, great ideas were developed and people introduced each other to their projects, just as I’d hoped. We’ve already planned the next meeting and have all got loads of “homework” on people we want to introduce to each other, projects we want to initiate and events we want to plan.

What a successful and fun afternoon! And the first time I initiated this kind of event, where people constructively planned and chatted within an hour of meeting each other for the first time. Sometimes, I amaze myself. Ever since I had F., I’ve been so much more outgoing and active than ever before. Being a mum has given me such a boost of energy and confidence. I just couldn’t be happier. Quite in line with this, I’m planning something for tomorrow that I meant to do years ago but didn’t have the guts to go through with.

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