Day 25 – opening my mouth for a good cause

I’ve just been to the postbox. Obviously, that’s not a first, but what I posted certainly is.

Years ago, I requested a swab kit in I order to  register as a potential bone-marrow donor. However, when the cotton buds came on the post, I chickened out at the idea of actually being a match and having to undergo the procedure.

Since then, I have informed myself a bit more about what donating stem cells actually entails. Turns out that in most cases it’s just like giving blood and only rarely do they actually have to get at your bone marrow. Moreover, I have to say that giving birth has made me considerably less scared of any medical procedure. The things my body went through last year made me realize that donating stem cells or even bone marrow is certainly something I can take.

Add to that my resolution of trying something new every day this year and you’ve got the reason I sent off for the swab kit again last week. This morning, I took the samples from the inside of my cheeks, filled in the form and signed the authorization for them to use my details to check if I might be a match for someone in need. Feels good already, so I can’t imagine how great it would feel if I actually got the chance to save a life!


In case you too would like to register, visit the website of DKMS if you are in Germany or go to Delete Blood Cancer if you are elsewhere.

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