Day 26 – pig in a bag

Today was a busy day of appointments and yet another counter-protest against one of the right-wing marches. So that didn’t leave much time and I had to be creative with my “first” for the day.

A while ago, C. bought me a little bag of pork scratchings, suggesting I try something English I’ve never had before. The bag has been untouched ever since, as the idea of bits of pig from a bag crisp-style didn’t sound too appealing. But like I said, I was in dire need of a new thing for today so the bag came to mind.


There’s many things I love about the UK and the pub culture is certainly among them. A pint of cider and a bag of crisps, what more could you want after a long day? I’ve always eyed the pork scratchings somewhat suspiciously. While I do love the crackling on a nice pork roast, I think I prefer it on a plate of meat and two veg. Trying first pork scratching today has confirmed my prejudice. The consistency was almost like a peanut flip, but very greasy. Not my up of tea. Some things have to be eaten hot. Grease just goes funny when it’s cold, I think. So lucky C. will get to finish the bag and I’ll probably make a pork roast soon to remind me what nice crackling tastes like. Still glad I finally tried it though.

If I can get F. out of bed and ready early enough tomorrow, we’ll be going on a fun adventure. Otherwise I’ll have to get creative again. I must come up with some good ideas soon – really can’t imagine to keep this up for the rest of the year if I don’t have an epiphany soon.


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