Day 27 – yum yam

I guess it’s hardly surprising that a baby who wakes up every one to three hours at night is not a morning person. Nor is his mother, for that matter. The rings under my eyes are big enough to make Saturn jealous and I have started forgetting things that seem impossible to forget. Turning on my end of the baby monitor is a classic (luckily we don’t really need it, as I can hear F. from the living room anyway.

So all this means that the adventure I had on mind for today had to be postponed until next week or the week after or some day that both F. and I have had a straight six or seven hours of sleep. Maybe for his 10th birthday if I’m lucky?

Thus – you guessed it – today once again includes a kitchen first. I bought some yams the other day and gave them a try today. They were quite a slimy affair to peel, so I was very intrigued to find out what they’d taste like.

I even brought out the wok for the occasion today! I should use it a lot more, it’s such a great way of cooking…


I made a yummy stir-fry, with lots of vegetables and some prawns on top. The yams tasted a bit potato-like and generally not of much. But the consistency is great! Sort of crunchy and soft at the same time, that’s my kind of thing. I love all root vegetables anyway, so I guess it’s hardly a surprise I enjoyed my “first” today.

Tomorrow will also be food related but I won’t be cooking…

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