Day 28 – yes, ve-gan

As I said yesterday, we are staying in the culinary field today. I’ve been quite busy with lots of activities lately, so I’m still trying to focus on “firsts” that sort of fit the schedule. Well, food always fits the schedule, as it’s simply a necessity  (and happens to be something I love).

Well then, today I went to a restaurant for the first time. Not just any restaurant, but a vegan one, Café Ignaz. I was interested to see what it would be like: subtle or in-your-face. It was rather subtle, I have to say. They’re not purely vegan, in fact. They also offer some vegetarian dishes.

I decided if I was going to do it, I’d do it right and stick to the vegan options. Had some yummy potato bake with lots of vegetables inside, although there wasn’t much “bake” to it, as the cheesy crust was replaced by a layer of tomatoes. The cherry crumble for dessert was absolutely gorgeous. I wonder how they managed to get such a fantastic crumble dough without butter. Is there a vegan alternative?

All in all, the place was like many young Munich café-come-restaurants. Small, crowded, colourful and with friendly but slightly chaotic service. I like that – they don’t push their food choices on you or make you feel like a bad person for normally eating meat. Oh, and did I mention that the cake was free with the main course? Now that’s a seller if you ask me!


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