Day 29 – frankly, my dear, that’s quite depressing

You’ll be relieved to hear that today is not about food. In fact, I’ve been so exhausted lately that I didn’t even cook anything tonight. About time that cheeky little monkey of mine remembered his sleeping pattern! Although the advantage is that less sleeping means more cuddling.

I figured, if I’m unfit to do anything useful, I might as well treat myself to a long, lazy evening in front of the tele. Long is the key word here, as I chose today’s “first” to be watching Gone with the Wind. Yes, I have to admit I’d never seen it before.


I’ll spare you a detailed review, as I’m sure I must have been one of only look about a dozen people never to have seen it. Suffice to say that it was not at all what I’d expected. What a thoroughly depressing film! I’m not saying it’s bad, but it certainly hasn’t lifted my spirits.

Unfortunately, lifted spirits were kind of what I’d been hoping for. I’m sleep-deprived, F. is going through a difficult phase and C. is really busy at the moment, so I was hoping just to be taken into a pink fairytale world.

I’ve also been a bit worried about this challenge lately. A brief Google search today showed that most people who try something like this aim for a new thing a week rather than one a day. I did a stumble across a great blog though, which describes a new-thing-a-week challenge and has given me some fun ideas. So despite slowly realizing that my idea was probably completely crazy, I’m still determined to manage for an entire year. I’ve just got the next two days to get through and then I’ve got some quite exciting plans anyhow, so next week should be a bit easier than this has been.

Enough moaning for tonight, I’m off to bed now, as ever in the hope of sleeping more than three hours straight. Good nzzzzzzzzzzz……


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