Day 30 – ciao ragazzi

After a slight lack of ideas this week, I figured it was about time I did something a bit more interesting and random today. So come join me on a trip to (very) little Italy.

C. speaks Italian and I took a course for about half a year once and have just generally been subjected to that beautiful language quite a lot  (inevitable, really, in the self-proclaimed northern-most Italian city). Thus, I agreed immediately when C. suggested we speak solely Italian for an hour today. Well, to be honest, he actually suggested all day but that just didn’t seem feasible, as both my vocab and grammar are limited to as good as nothing. It’s mainly guessing based on my – also limited – knowledge of French and Latin.

Well, I have to say, I had a lot of fun with this experiment. There was a lot of waving my arms and gesturing to try and describe the words I was looking for. But we did manage to communicate about our plans for the evening, news about friends and my pilates class. Most importantly, however, we spent an entire hour talking to each other about all sorts of things, which might sound like nothing, but trust me, with a little baby in the house, it’s quite an achievement. Lovely! F. seemed to enjoy it too. He’s so curious about different sounds and all that…


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