Day 32 – tricky cards

We’ve been having quite a cosy weekend of winter walks and playing games, which made me think it was about time I learned how to shuffle cards properly.

I used YouTube as my teacher and sat down with a pack of cards and C., who watched what I did and gave feedback. I found a great¬†video, with the help of which I ended up mastering an alright riffle shuffle (that’s the one where the cards are mixed from two piles, one in either hand, and the ¬†pushed down into one in a sort of arch-shape). The trick when pushing them all together is to put quite some pressure on your thumbs while opening up your fingers underneath a bit. Phew, that’ll make the next time I play poker a lot less embarrassing.

2015-02-01 18.05.15

After I’d managed that, C. showed me how to fan cards out evenly so that you can use a card underneath them to turn them all.over in one swift motion. This is quite simple really, but still looks very impressive when done well. I’m a long way from perfect, of course, but at least I turned them all over neatly.

2015-02-01 17.53.28

Finally, I thought what always impresses me the most is when people manage to make cards fly from one hand to the other. C. helped me with that, as well, and we both got the flying bit mastered – it’s the catching that’s the tricky bit! But once or twice I did manage to move the cards from my right to my left through the air without dropping too many on the floor. Still miles away from what some people can do though, where there’s an arm’s length between the two hands and the cards fly proper horizontally yet they still catch the lot. I honestly don’t have a clue how they do it. But at least I now know it’s theoretically possible – I used to think there was invisible thread involved or something of the kind.
2015-02-01 17.54.37

So that was an entertaining afternoon spent together trying something completely different. C. is still practicing the flying cards as I write this, and he’s getting really good. I guess we’re ready for a trip to Vegas now.


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