Day 33 – boutique shopping

On the bus back from an appointment today, I realized that we were about to go past this boutique for baby things that I’d heard really good things about and therefore had been meaning to check out for ages. F. was fast asleep in the baby carrier, so off we hopped.

Rasselfisch is a colourful, friendly little shop that only sells products by companies it believes in. A certain percentage of its profits are donated to charity and they guarantee that no child labour has gone into anything they sell.


Many of the smaller products are things nobody actually needs but every child (and parent) would probably love. Glow-in-the-dark wall decorations, little Converse baby shoes, gorgeous wooden toys, a cardboard walk-in spaceship… The clothes are über cute – I could have bought the whole lot! The same goes for much of the furniture and other bigger items: beautiful pieces, many slightly out of the ordinary.

Prices are in accordance with that, of course. There’s a stereotype in Munich about “latte macchiato mums”: mothers who, while their kids are in daycare, sit in cosy cafés and browse in fancy little shops. I guess these mums may be the target audience for more than me – I am neither rich enough nor willing to spend 400 euros on a high chair. For me it’s not a shop for buying things I need, but rather one for finding special things that are guaranteed to become favourites. I think I’ll be going back the next time I need a birthday present for a small kid, for example.

As is always the case with small shops like this, I would have found it a bit embarrassing to leave without buying anything. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m not a fan of boutiques. Luckily, C. spotted something a friend had already recommended to us: The Mommy Hook – a huge hook to attach to the pram that carries shopping bags and everything. Oh, how I love these little gadgets for the pram! It’s slowly becoming a vehicle I like to believe James Bond would be proud of – complete with a hand warmer, a coffee-cup holder and various ways of attaching things to it.


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