Day 34 – the absurdity of mankind

I was fretting all day as I had absolutely no idea what my “first” could be today. Eventually, I decided to just go to a nearby mall to run a few errands and see if I’d come across anything that was new to me.

It wasn’t long into my walk around the shopping centre that my eyes landed on something that I’d often been curious in but never actually considered trying. Have you ever seen these massage chairs that offer instant relaxation on airports and malls?

Today was the day I didn’t just snigger at the people wasting their money but decided to actually give it a go. A euro for four minutes seemed just about ok for a laugh. I guess that’s how they get the doubters…

Well, the experience was a little relaxing, indeed. The massage felt a lot more real than I’d anticipate, the chair simulating human hands quite well. However, sitting there in the middle of a shopping centre, with a view of people rushing up and down escalators and news screens everywhere, wasn’t exactly spa-like. I didn’t want to close my eyes, though, as my possessions (including F. in his pram) were spread around me. Next to me was a guy who was so busy typing something on his phone that I doubt he even noticed the machine had started.

So there I sat, having my back massaged by a machine to relieve me of the stress of working and shopping and shopping and working. Aren’t we humans a crazy bunch? Imagine a pack of lions: if they’re not hunting or eating, they lie around just enjoying themselves (I assume anyway). We humans, in contrast, have made our world so complicated and full of possibilities that we need put the money we worked hard to earn – stressing out in the process – into machines or bottles or the tanks of our cars in order to relax.

I’m not saying I think we should all go back to living in caves. I quite like books and modern medicine and telephones and restaurants. But maybe once every so often we should stop and think: are we happy with our lives the way they are? Have a break from the grinding stone and just sit there and listen to your inner self and what it needs.


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