Day 35 – a natural energy drink

I’ve been hearing a lot about coconut water lately. Probably about three years after every one else, as is usual with me.

Anyhow, apparently it’s a craze in Hollywood. They say it’s a low-fat, low-calorie alternative to energy drinks and it’s supposed to provide much-needed nutrients, make you feel healthy, look great and… well, you get the picture. One of those magical potions that we can supposedly no longer live without.

I’m not a great believer in crazes like that. Don’t get me wrong, drinking the refreshing liquid from inside a coconut on a got summer’s day on a desert island might be bliss. But does it need to be packaged and shipped across the planet? And can that really still call itself organic? Surely it can’t be good for the environment to drink something that comes from the other side of the world!

Plain tap water remains the most refreshing drink in my humble opinion and it’s also completely free from sugar and fat, of course. Coconut water only has 16 calories per 100 ml but that’s still something and I simply consider calories in drinks entirely superfluous. But I just love coconuts and I thought it sounded really yummy long before I even heard about how great coconut water was supposed to be.

So as my “first” today, I treated myself to a refreshing-looking little carton of the magic stuff. Quite excitedly, I stuck the straw in and started drinking. What a let-down! It tasted only ever so slightly of something remotely resembling coconut and had a bit of a stale feel to it. I’ll take a plain glass of water over that any day, thank you very much. Guess I’ll have to keep eating fruit and veg for my vitamin intake, as coconut water will not be found in my diet any time soon.


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