Day 36 – ring of fire

Massage chairs and fitness drinks – this week has been pretty uncharacteristic for me. But C. quite rightly said I should try and make the challenge not entirely about food so as to keep it interesting.

Well, you’ll be proud to hear that the trend continues. Thursdays are pilates days, as you know, and today was the first time I ever used a “magic circle“. These mean little gadgets are designed to provide some counter-pressure during exercises. They’re slightly bendable and are used by being held between the arms or legs, for example.

Had one of the things about pilates so far been that I found it not too straining, I have to admit that I reached a point where it got pretty hard today. I could practically feel the sore muscles during the exercises already.. Even better though, the harder it gets the more effective it’s got to be, surely.

However straining it may be, though, the use of balls and rings in pilates still makes the workout easier and especially much more fun. I’ve never done a sport where the hour passed quite as quickly. I can’t believe the lesson is over most days.. Already signed up for the next course today!


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