Day 38 – home spa

This week has been so out of character, I thought I’d keep that going and have a bit of a beauty sesh today.

I treated myself to a Q10/omega3/other-scientific-sounding-things/anti-age face mask. And when I say treated I mean I spent about fifty cents on it at the drugstore.

I’ve done face masks before, but this is the first time I’ve been honest enough with myself to buy an anti-age one. To go all the way and make it a truly new experience (and give you a more entertaining photo to look at), I also chopped up a cucumber and put a slice on each eye.

2015-02-07 16.44.45I can’t say I look much younger now than I did an hour ago, but that might be my fault: the pack said not to wash off the mask, but only to get most of it off with a soft cloth. As I didn’t think it felt too nice on my skin, though, I decided to wash it off after all. However, my theory is that its anti-wrinkle effect is created by the sticky cream simply filling in the ridges – well then it’s obvious that washing it all off destroyed any effect it might have had.

As for the cucumber, however, I don’t know why I’ve never tried that before. It was absolutely relaxing and soothing to have something so cool on my eyes, which feel really refreshed now – an effect that somehow has also made me feel less tired. I think I might just knick two slices of cucumber¬†every time I’m making salad from now on. Such a simple little “wellness” (this is a word in German that doesn’t actually exist in English: it sums of the meaning of spa, well-being and beauty treatment) trick to give myself ten minutes off after a long day.