Day 39 – amateur pomology

After quite a varied week, I thought I deserved a lazy Sunday and some family time. This didn’t leave me with too much time for my “first”, which therefore ended up – you called it – being a culinary one.

When it comes to citrus fruit, I used to know only oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, clementines, kumquats, pomelos and grapefruit. However, a trip to Italy – or more specifically to a little village with the telling name Limone – a while ago showed me how wrong I’d been. The village’s  educational centre and museum on citrus fruit provides information on a range of citrus fruit (many of them hybrids) so wide it makes you dizzy. There are also beautiful gardens in which various types of fruit are grown. Have you ever smelled an orange blossom in the rain? Well, you should! Unfortunately, there was no opportunity to taste any of the more unusual fruit there, so my knowledge remains purely theoretical.

Gardasee 2012 051
Gardasee 2012 028
Gardasee 2012 044

Therefore, I was really happy to see tangelos for sale for the first time ever this week. I love trying new fruit – we’re so stuck on our apples and bananas and maybe the odd mango or fig that we seem to forget that there are many other types of fruit out there. Ever heard of a cherimoya, for example? I tried one last year and actually needed the Internet to show me what to do with it!

Anyhow, a tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit and served as my somewhat unspectacular – but yummy – “first” today.  It looked like a small, slightly darker orange. The smell was a mix of orange and tangerine and only when I tasted it was I reminded ever so slightly of a grapefruit. Mainly, however, the tangelo just tasted considerably more sour than any other citrus fruit – bar a lemon or lime – I’ve ever tried, which makes it quite refreshing.

Wow, I’ve just written around 300 words about fruit. This blog really is making me do things I never would have done otherwise. I love it! Off to bed now as I’m very excited about tomorrow’s first.