Day 40 – the speed of time

We had a school reunion not long ago. Two of my friends from way back when couldn’t make it, so we decided to meet another time just the three of us.

So today was the day I saw them for the first time in ten years or so. Both of them also had sons last year so it wasn’t just a reunion but also the first time we saw each other’s children.

It felt quite surreal at first – we’ve all come such a long way since we last met. Yet, it was still familiar somehow, as we were so close all these years ago and luckily managed to basically pick up where we’d left things then. Except with baby stories and dirty nappies instead of homework and cocktails. What a truly lovely experience. I just really hope we’ll stay in touch and have another mummy date some time soon.

It’s weird, the concept of time has changed for me in recent years. Ten years used to feel like an eternity, now what happened ten year sago seems like it isn’t long ago, at all. An hour’s drive seemed like an actual journey, now it’s just like going to the shop used to feel. Sometimes this scares me. If time keeps speeding up like this, I’ll be in a retirement home before I know it. I just hope it’s to do with how many changes there have been in recent years. Then time might just slow down again once my life calms down a little. After all, I still have so many plans and I need time for them! Oh dear, is this an early onset of midlife crisis?

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