Day 42 – home-made joy

One of the things I liked about Pekip is that they had some lovely home-made toys made from the simplest things. Kids are so fascinated by the shininess of spoons and the sound a pack of tissues makes and other every-day objects – it seems like a great idea to actually let them play with things like that.

Thus, I decided to make a toy for F. today. He loves anything that rattles so I simply used a bit of string to attach some lids of jars of baby food together. As long as there are no sharp edges around the holes and there’s no long part of string, this is safe and fun for any baby. And the sound it makes is actually quite nice compared to that of many other baby toys.

20150211_185016 What can I say, it’s been a success. The little rattle’s been sucked own, shaken and thrown across the room. It’s lovely to see how unspoilt babies are. They don’t care about brand names or trends or even about their toy essentially being recycling projects. I hope I can help F. maintain some of that outlook on things. And apart from that I look forward to hours of playing with corks and mud and pine cones and wooden spoons and whatever else we will come across.