Day 44 – quite a drill

This blog has been getting quite girly, so today it was time for a slightly more hands-on “first”.

Shamefully, I’ve got to admit that before this day, I had never drilled a hole into a wall. I’m not one to wait for my husband to come home if something needs fixing and I’ve chopped wood and connected lamps before, but for some reason, drilling was always something I thought I couldn’t do.

Thanks to my challenge, however, I decided today that this needed to change. I got out the drill, let C. hold the hoover (that’s a modern relationship for you!) and started. Once I figured out that I needed to change the setting if I was going to get anywhere with our concrete wall, I think I did alright. Seems like I’ve got quite a steady hand as the holes ended up nice and round and not much bigger than intended. The cabinet we’re hanging up on the screws for which I drilled the holes is going to hold cups and bowls, so let’s hope I haven’t screwed up (I’m sorry, I must learn to stop the silly puns) somehow…



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