Day 45 – Valentine’s Day, our way

Valentine’s Day, a day for lovers… And indeed, C. and I spent the whole morning away from F., who kept his granddad busy in the meantime.

Instead of a romantic walk or a trip to the spa, however, we did things our way and spent the precious time with something close to our hearts: we took a first-aid course for parents. I think Valentine’s Day is overrated anyway. You should show your loved ones how much they mean to you every day and not just because everyone expects you to on a certain day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice getting flowers or going for a romantic dinner, but I think these things actually mean even more on a “normal” day.

Obviously this was not my first first-aid course today, but the first one solely about babies and children. I was worried we’d come out scared by all the terrible things that could potentially happen. However, the instructor had such a great and calming way of explaining everything that we now feel well-prepared in case anything ever happens but not freaked out by what might happen. I think it also helped that F. is already bigger than the dummies we used for the CPR and anti-asphyxiation training. That made them seem like dolls rather than model babies. Had I’ve done this course during pregnancy or just after the birth, I think it would have gotten to me a lot more.


The second half was all about typical illnesses and injuries on babies and children, many of which aren’t necessarily too bad anyway. And most importantly, whatever might happen now, we will hopefully react in the right way. I’m really glad we did this.

Finally, in case you read yesterday’s post and were wondering: the cabinet hasn’t come back down yet. I just really hope it stays that way. Somehow I’m really worried.



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