Day 48 – nail fail

C. is out and F. is fast asleep (he’s finally accepted the fact that midnight to eleven are not reasonable sleeping hours for a baby) so I am having a quiet evening to myself.

Thus,I figured I might as well spend some time doing my nails. I used to wear lots of colourful nail polish, but stopped completely during pregnancy as I had heard it wasn’t good for the baby. After F. was born, I just never got round to doing my nails. Even if he was asleep, I was worried he’d wake up and want picking up as soon as the polish was on. As I didn’t fancy the idea of letting him scream until it had dried, I thought it safer not to bother at all. And when C. was home, I thought of  million things more important than my nails. The washing, for example or cooking baby food.

But, as I said, evenings are finally starting to belong to us adults again so tonight was the night. I wasn’t going to just do my nails, but wanted to combine it with a first and also add some flowery stickers I bought a while ago. So on went my favourite colour, followed by the stickers.

2015-02-17 21.44.03

I don’t know what it is: the extreme contrast of colours, the fact that it’s just not me or something else, but one way or another, I think it’s dreadful. Coming straight back off now. Oh well, it was a “first” nonetheless. Nobody said they all had to be successful.

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