Day 51 – mini holiday

Today was the most beautiful early spring day. We get these sometimes in Munich. This may have been the actual onset of spring or it may have been just a little bit of sunshine to tide us over another one or two months of snow and ice. One way or another, I wrapped F. up and spent pretty much the entire day outside.

After a long walk through the English Gardens, Munich’s biggest park, I headed to the central station for a special treat: I spent the afternoon looking at Munich through the eyes of a tourist and went on a lovely Bavarian food tour. Finally a food-related “first” again!

There wasn’t really anything I hadn’t tried before and neither did we go anywhere new to me, but just joining a guided tour makes me look at my city more intensely. That’s why I love going on tours sometimes. Apart from that, the food we got to try was well worth the money. There was a never-ending array of meats and cheese and pretzels and a Bavarian doughnut in the end. The tour ended in a beergarden in Munich’s fantastic Viktualienmarkt. We just sat there, enjoying the sun and watching the world go by while munching on sausage and radishes. I’d been meaning to go on this tour for ages and I’m really glad I finally did. Today was just the perfect day for it, as well.

I can’t believe it’s only February but it’s the second time I’ve been to a beergarden this year. Let’s hope this is a preview of a gorgeous summer.

20150220_143602 20150220_145516



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