Day 53 – more Italian

You must think I’m constantly out and about, but it’s really just been the last few days which happened to be very busy. That’s why today’s “first” is quite similar to yesterday’s.

We met a group of people at an Italian restaurant I’d never been to before. In fact, it’s only been open a few months.

Da Armando looks like a typical Bavarian pub, which I thought quite pleasant: no Italian kitsch but just some dark wood and paintings. The pizza was equally down-to-earth. Service was good and the waiter very friendly. The beer served is Munich’s most favourite, Augustiner, which is great and somewhat unusual for an Italian place, I would say.

All in all, quite a nice place for simple food and some drinks. It’s ideal for a night out with a larger group, but not where I’d go on a date or so.


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