Day 54 – vitamin bomb

I’m not one to try every trend and usually don’t even know what is currently fashionable. In fact, I was surprised this morning to hear that it was the Oscars last night.

Another fashion that completely passed by me are smoothies. Last summer, half the office was suddenly drinking them like mad. I just sipped my coffee and didn’t think about it.

Now that I’ve finally got a blender though (a present from a friend to make preparing baby food easier), I thought vitamins galore would be just what the doctor ordered after a long winter. I’ve been craving fruit lately anyhow, so the kitchen was well stocked with ingredients.

I opted for a sweeter version than what Hollywood swears by and used carrots, cucumber, mango, kiwi, strawberries, mango, grapefruit juice and water. Blended it for quite a while and ended up with a really yummy and refreshing drink/snack.



I guess I’ll go all the way and try kale and apple or so next time. But for now, I enjoyed it it this sweet. Still better than chocolate. And the best thing is that there’s still loads left for later!

Although I have to say I love eating fruit and vegetables anyway so I don’t actually need to blend the stiff to ensure I get enough of it. I’m just as happy nibbling on a carrot or bits of cucumber.

All I have to do now is get “Smooth Operator” out of my head. What a terrible “earworm” (which is what we call a song stuck in one’s head in German)!


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