Day 55 – cold as ice

My niece picked a really cool hobby: she’s passionate about ice hockey, both as a spectator and as an active player. I really admire kids who choose unusual hobbies rather than doing what everyone else does.

For ages we’d been meaning to go and watch one of her games or a practice session and today we finally found the time.

There’s a café with windows overlooking the ice rink, so we were able to sit in the warmth, sipping coffee whilst watching the kids race around. I’ve always loved ice skating but what they could do was out of this world! They skated so confidently, chasing the puck and barely even seemed to pay attention to the fact that there were only two thin sheets of metal and loads of slippery ice under their feet.

I was really proud to see my niece score a goal. Her passion for this sport was so obvious it really was a pleasure to watch. I’m definitely going back to watch before the season is over.



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