Day 56 – bloggers’ get-together

At our meeting for people helping refugees a while back, I met a girl with a great plan: she’s off to travel the world in a few weeks and she’ll be blogging about it – with a focus on people active in refugee help projects.

She’d asked if we could meet to have a chat about what is going on with help projects that I’m involved in. Today was the day, so my “first” was going for a coffee with her for the first time.

Like I already said last week, it’s absolutely great how many interesting people I’ve met through my activism. We had a lovely chat and even the interview bit felt really natural and like a two-way conversation rather than her just fishing for answers. She asked great questions and led us through interesting topics. If that’s a preview of what her blog will be like, I look forward to it all the more.

We then spent another while chatting about more personal things – anything from literature to working life.

Oh, I have really enjoyed recent months. There have been so many different, exciting and sometimes absurd things. Still not sure how I’m going to manage another ten months full of new things, but my list of ideas is growing, so I haven’t lost confidence yet. One way or another, this challenge has already been well worth it.


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