Day 58 – clubbing and blogging

I realize that my “firsts” have been getting less planned recently. I’ve taken to looking at my day and seeing what might be a first rather than just thinking of crazy new things to try. If I’m going to keep this up for a year, this is the way forward, I think.

They’re still new things but allow me to keep living every day life, too. For a while, I was getting pretty stressed about coming up with ideas, which kind of spoils the fun. So now I’m trying to find a healthy balance between going through life with my eyes open to see what new things I experience anyhow and thinking of silly or unusual things.

Today is somewhere in the middle. It’s new to me and was so intentionally, but it’s not exactly crazy, either: I figured it was time for a cooking “first”  and decided to make something that I love eating when I’m out but somehow never thought of making at home: a club sandwich.

I used full grain bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken, bacon, a fried egg and some thousand island dressing. So much goodness rolled into one, it was just as good as we’d hoped. As far as I know,  traditionally, there is no egg on a club sandwich, but I think that’s exactly what makes it so amazing.


This seemed a great opportunity to finally find out where the name comes from, too. Boringly enough, it really just refers to the fact that it was first served at an exclusive clubhouse. At least now I know, I guess.

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