Day 59 – newsflash

Today, I took up one of the ideas for a “first” that C. had given me. I’m sure that’ll make him happy as I think I sometimes have too strong a mind of my own and aren’t too good at taking other people’s suggestions on board.

Well, C. had a simple yet challenging idea: reading a newspaper front to back, without skipping a single article. Saturday seemed the right day for this, so F. got quite some daddy time today as I settled down with the paper. It’s not a particularly big one, only forty pages. But the challenge wasn’t so much reading a lot (that I don’t mind) but reading things I’m not interested in.

I always read the political part, the local stories, some of the economic part and most of the cultural one. Oh, and the gossip, of course. The Saturday paper comes with a weekend supplement on family, health and travel tips, which I also enjoy.

What challenged me the most was the sports section. Six pages of football, ice hockey and skiing was enough for a year. The funny thing is that I also didn’t understand quite a lot of it as I simply lack the background knowledge. This made reading it even harder, I think. I had a similar experience with the reviews of classical concerts: while I enjoy listening to classical music, I have never been very good with the theory, so these articles seemed to be written in a language of which I only had basic knowledge.

I spent around three hours on the whole thing (hard to tell exactly, as life as a mummy isn’t renowned for consisting of long stretches of focussing on something without interruption). Finally, the last page! I read all the horoscopes (seven of which I could’ve said matched me in one way or another – just goes to show it’s all a farce) just to have mine tell me I might be quite busy and therefore shouldn’t let myself get distracted from what needs doing.

I even did all three puzzles. The only things I skipped were adverts and the TV listing (but I did read the write ups.of the recommended shows). Although some articles weren’t too interesting to me, I did enjoy the fact that I took.the took the time to read the paper in peace and quiet and didn’t allow myself to be rushed by anything. (Not least thanks to C., who kept F. distracted.)



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