Day 60 – a grownup Sunday

What’s a rainy Sunday good for? That’s right, staying in and sorting out a hangover. Unless you’re a parent, in which case you probably didn’t go out on Saturday and therefore don’t have a hangover to take care of. That’s why we joined heaps of parents at the Pinakothek der Moderne today, a great modern art and design museum. We saw cars and boxes, sneakers and computers, bottles and chairs. Some public museums in Munich only cost a euro to get in on Sundays, which I just find absolutely fantastic.

The museum itself wasn’t new to me but the exhibition of prints by Terry Winters was. I’d never even heard of him before if I’m honest. I really enjoyed his work. It was full of geometrical figures, sharp contrasts and some nice colours.

Many people say that modern art is what any kid could do and I do agree in some cases. But in many cases I just love the fact that there is no limit to the artist’s creativity. This means there is so much to discover and see and interpret in the artwork.
20150301_143617 20150301_160752

2015-03-02 00.03.11


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