Day 61 – a vivid history lesson

As winter is coming to an end, I’ve caught my first cold this season. Thus, I’ve not been very energetic today and needed an in-house “first”.

C. suggested that I finally watch Saving Private Ryan and I have to say, I’m glad I did. It’s unlike any other film I’ve seen before and I’m still quite shaken. How terrible and sad to think of the fates of all the young people who had to fight in wars over the centuries.

The film has made me even more conscious how lucky I am to be living in peace and freedom. To think that two generations ago my country was at war with so many others! I think seeing Saving Private Ryan has also made understand even more why my dad was quite so touched by the fact that I married C., whose country Germany was at war with when my dad was born.

Once again, I can only reiterate how grateful I am that we are now living in peace in the European Union after centuries of war within Europe. This is why I get so upset when people bash the EU, wanting their respective country out of it. They obviously don’t know how good they’ve got it. I only hope that there will come a day when people everywhere will be as lucky as us.


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