Day 64 – seriously?

Not only am I still ill, but poor F. has caught it too now, so we spent the day on the sofa, sleeping and coughing.

I feel so guilty that he caught my cold!

So today’s “first” is all about one of the most important things when we’re ill: tea. I was brought up on black tea and although I’m more of a coffee drinker now, I still really enjoy a good cuppa on a cold winter’s day. At home we’d drink loose-leaf tea but these days I usually use tea bags as they’re just quicker and more convenient.

As I said, though, I mostly drink coffee and a few years ago we switched to a capsule system. I feel bad about the waste we are producing (although I tell myself that at least ours uses plastic rather than aluminium) but it just fits our needs so well. I used to make a whole pot of coffee in the morning just to throw most of it away in the end. The dream would be on of the fancy machines with an included grinder, but they’re not quite our price range.

Anyhow, not long ago I was given some new capsules to try with our machine: for making tea! What an absurd idea, I immediately thought. Today, however, I decided that was a pretty fitting new thing and gave it a try. I had to run quite a bit of water through the machine first in order to clear it of any coffee residue. I guess that wouldn’t be necessary every time if the machine was used solely for tea, but why would anybody want to do that?

Sometimes, innovation is just unnecessary.
Sometimes, innovation is just unnecessary.

The capsules are in no way more practical than tea bags. My cup of tea took just as long to make as it would have done the traditional way. OK, minus the stewing time, but isn’t that part of the charm almost? Neither was the capsule tea as hot as a normal cup nor did it taste any better. In fact, it was pretty bitter. It must be instant tea of some sort, I suppose, as the water only runs through briefly. And the waste, of course. As there is no advantage over using tea bags, I really don’t think it’s worth all the plastic waste when a tea bag is biodegradable…

So whilst I am usually a fan of modern times and its achievements, this is an innovation I consider really stupid (although it’ll probably make some people a lot of money). Clothes pegs, umbrellas, tea bags and pencil sharpeners are among the most brilliant inventions of all times, in my opinion. Just leave them alone and find solutions to problems that haven’t already been perfectly dealt with.


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