Day 65 – starstruck

I’ve been doing a lot of emailing lately to get people involved in the Fest der Kulturen (festival of cultures) our association is planning for the summer.

Most of the time, I get responses from agents or managers. Today, however, I received a message by one of my all-time heroes: the Italian journalist Fabrizio Gatti.

His book Bilal is what originally got me involved in helping refugees. He did something absolutely incredible: he joined refugees on their trek across Africa and even got himself arrested and taken to the camp for refugees in Lampedusa. His report is so shocking that I was absolutely heartbroken by the end of it and would have loved to run off to Africa to try and help these poor souls. As that would be a pointless mission, I figured it would be just as useful to help those who have actually made it here after that horrific journey.

So when Fabrizio Gatti personally replied to my email today, even thanking me for my voluntary work, I was as surprised as happy. What a brilliant, down-to-earth guy! I bet he’s got so many more important things to do than replying to a random message from a random girl in Germany – yet he took the time and did it. I think I’ll have to read Bilal again now. So there, slightly more exciting than yesterday’s tea bags, the first time I’ve received an email from my favourite Italian author and journalist.


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