Day 66 – just magical

I’ve been to several magic shows of different kinds. But tonight’s was very special.

It was the final exam of the class of 2015 of the Zauberakademie Deutschland and simultaneously the exam for becoming a member of the German magic circle.

There were all sorts of acts, some funny, others serious or sensual. We saw rings, mind-reading, card tricks, and even a magician who was his own assistant.

At only five euros a ticket,this really was a  bargain. And the fact that it was both a show and an exam gave the night a both friendly and exciting atmosphere. The audience was supportive and enthusiastic. Only one volunteer on stage thought it was funny to try and take over the show and even grabbed some props. Such a no-go! But other than that, everyone wanted to have a great night and wanted the tricks to work and the magicians to succeed.

I haven’t had such an entertaining night in a long time. The first time I’ve seen a magic exam and what can I say, my expectations were exceeded by a mile. I would definitely pay considerably more than a fiver to see some of the acts I’ve seen tonight.


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