Day 67 – a walk on the long side

Spring is coming! The sun is shining lots, birds’ songs greet me when I open the windows in the morning and the first flowers are in full bloom.

As I mentioned before, I love the sun and try to use every opportunity to catch a few rays especially after a long winter. So today we decided, a long family walk was in order. However, instead of walking in circles around the park, we decided just to walk to the other side of town, where we were meeting some friends. Seven and a half kilometers took us almost two hours, what with the pram and various baby-related stops (and an ice-cream-related one). We had some slightly surprised looks when we said we’d walked all the way, but it was well worth it. A lot of sunshine and fresh air… Don’t know how nice it would have been in rush-hour traffic, but it was great on a Sunday.



Since it was still quite warm out when we had finished our coffee, we decided to go the extra mile (or three) and walk back as well. Although it got a bit chilly towards the end, I’m glad we did. It made the first time I walked across town even more of an achievement.

As we were getting close to home, we walked past a bus stop where it said ten minutes till a bus going in our direction. Instead of waiting for it, we decided to race it and had a bet as to where it was going to overtake us. C. guessed it would be before a certain stop along the way, I said after. The bus overtook us just as we were approaching that stop, meaning C. won the bet. However, we walked past as it was waiting at the stop and it overtook as again maybe 100 meters afterwards. So in the end, we were both right, in a way. How romantic!


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