Day 69 – I’m too old for this stuff

When we were kids, my brother and I had this computer game in which you had to manage a theme park. That and the one in which you ran a chain of Italian restaurants (and even got to create all sorts of pizzas for the menu) were my absolute favourite games.

Thus, I was really excited when C. and I stumbled across a theme-park game (Thrillville) in a second-hand shop the other day. We both had said we wouldn’t mind a new Wii game so we decided to treat ourselves.

Imagine my disappointment when I played it for the first time tonight and it was nothing like what I’d imagined. It’s a platform game (C. says, I wouldn’t have a clue what’s what) so that you seem to spend most of the time just running around a chaotic pre-defined park. Building cool rides is as good as impossible as there really isn’t enough space. Neither does there seem to be much of a challenge to the management level. There are such substantial sources of income from the outset that the game pretty much plays itself.

Maybe I’m finally too old for computer games. Or maybe it just isn’t a very good game. Could even be a bit of both. One way or another, the game is going back to the second-hand shop and I’ll spend my next quiet evening in reading a book. Or maybe I’ll just check if I still have that pizza game somewhere. 😉


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