Day 70 – photo shoot

Today, I took F. to be professionally photographed for the first time.

I’m not a fan of these cheesy “baby and mummy’s hands”, “baby with flower in its hair”, “baby in a really grown-up and therefore funny position” kind of photos. That’s why we have so far taken everything from F.’s first few¬†pictures to the photos for the birth announcement ourselves.

Today, however, I took him to a photographer to have passport photos done – after a not-so-nice man at the passport office explained to me that the baby has to be in the photo alone, without even a trace of the hand holding him or anything like that. I really don’t get it – babies change so quickly that the photo means nothing anyway. What’s the problem with my hand or a bit of my scarf showing at the bottom edge? The worst bit was when I said I didn’t really have money for a photographer and he had the nerve to say “Anyone who can afford a holiday can also afford a photographer”. Oh Germany, sometimes I just want to leave and never come back.

The photographer was great. She got F. to look at her by putting on a really deep voice and saying “Where’s daddy?”. I laughed so much. F. was amazing, he sat there, looking around and at the camera when she addressed him. The flash didn’t seem to disturb him, either.

We ended up with quite a selection of nice shots, of which I picked the most serious one, as I don’t want to go back tomorrow because the horrible city employee tells me the photo can’t be used with such a smiley child in it… So fingers crossed that tomorrow’s “first” will be getting my little man a passport!


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