Day 71 – a big moment

Yesterday’s nasty experience meant I had a bit of a belly ache when we returned to the passport office today. However, a different lady was at the counter today and she was really sweet.

If you’ve got a child with you, you get preferential treatment in the queue, which meant we “only” waited an hour and a quarter. But the good thing about children’s passports is that you get to take them with you on the day.

So I only had to pay and answer a few questions. I laughed my head off when she asked me how tall F. was. I mean, that was probably already wrong by the time we walked out of there, considering how fast these little ones grow. Anyway, after about ten minutes I held F.’s shiny new passport in my hands. What an amazing feeling to see my son’s details on such an official document. I think I still can’t quite get my head around it. I’m a mother! Of a child with a passport! Of the world’s greatest child, for that matter.


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