Day 72 – cult classic

Today’s “first” was something I should have done years ago: I finally watched a couple of episodes of Monaco Franze, an 80s series set in Munich. I was given the box set by a good friend, who puts quote an emphasis on filling gaps in my knowledge of pop culture.

The series paints such a great picture of this city and its people that much of it is true even now, more than thirty years later. Many of the actors are heroes from my childhood and it’s always great seeing images of Munich from way back when. So watching this series is fun on many levels.

The main character is a married womanizer, whose wife knows about his affairs and keeps tricking him into having to spend time with her. All characters are ported so vividly that you feel like you’ve known them for years. That’s how I like TV.

I’d say that this series is a great introduction to Munich. When you’re finished reading the guide book about which sights to see, watch Monaco Franze to get an idea about the people you will encounter in this unique village-come-city.


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